Pool Service

Are you tired of having to spend a hefty amount of cash on expensive products just to keep your pool clean? At Pool Savers, we know from painful experience that pool products are incredibly expensive. Trying one costly product after another without results becomes frustrating fast. That’s why we don’t recommend expensive “magic products,” just the steady application of proven pool treatment techniques by trained pool professionals. Because we’re not in the business of selling products retail, we only recommend treatment plans that work – effective treatments proven in hundreds of pools.

No other service offers high-quality work quite like Pool Savers. While other “pool guys” have trouble with basic pool water chemistry and pool treatment techniques, the team at Pool Savers have seen firsthand the outcomes with many other pool service companies and caution you not to put your health in the hands of just any “pool guy.” Make absolutely sure you’re working with a true professional from Pool Savers!

What Can You Expect From Our Weekly Pool Service?

Pool Savers offers weekly pool service for all customers. If you want to learn more about our service, take a look at the following:

  • A pool free from bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms so that you can be sure you and your family are swimming in clean, healthy pool water.
  • A chemically balanced pool every week so that the chemicals operate at peak effectiveness and the cost of sanitizing your pool water is affordable.
  • Removal of large debris from the pool, empty the baskets, brush the side walls and steps, re-start the equipment and leave a service note letting you know we were there that week.
  • Our weekly service includes all necessary labor to balance and sanitize your pool water. Repairs and maintenance items like cleaning your filter or draining your pool may include extra costs.

All of this careful work is done to ensure you and your family have a safer pool for swimming. Our main goal is to provide our customers with pool service that allows to smile a bit wider and enjoy their pool for a longer period of time.

Why Should You Call Us Now?

When you pick up the phone and call Pool Savers, you aren’t just receiving pool service: you’re receiving the chance to see your pool reach its fullest potential. Call us now, and you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Eliminate Problems Before They Worsen: Winter maintenance and off season chemical treatments are critical to prepare your pool for swim season. Waiting until swim season for regular maintenance and effective water treatment may prevent you from enjoying your pool this year. For example, most swimming pools should be drained every two to three years or receive a treatment to remove excessive levels of calcium, dissolved solid material and residual chemicals from the pool water. Swimming pools can only be drained during the cooler winter months to avoid plaster chipping, expansion cracking, and other interior damage.
  • Great Money-Saving: Pool Savers offers healthier swimming pool water starting at just $85 a month!  The main goal of our weekly pool service is to make sure you won’t have to drop another dime on additional pool costs.  We know how financially draining it can be to maintain your pool with the latest products, which is why the experts at Pool Savers will help you eliminate the threat of an empty wallet so you can enjoy your pool more!
  • Better Peace of Mind: Our service also provides you peace of mind that your pool equipment is operating properly. While our first priority is to balance and treat your pool water, we also complete a quick check up on your pool equipment each week and provide you periodic customized recommendations on repairs and maintenance. Even better, you’ll receive an annual customized maintenance schedule for your pool so you know when your equipment should be serviced.

Pick up the phone and call Pool Savers today for pool service. Our team is always ready to help you!