San Tan Valley Pool Service

We’re proud to be based in the Southeast Valley living and working in the Queen Creek & San Tan Valley areas. We’ve serviced pools in San Tan Valley, for over ten years and we’re proud of our work with San Tan Valley homeowners. Our San Tan Valley Pool Service is honest, affordable, and professional!

Pool Savers Offers Healthier Swimming Pool Water Starting at Just $85 a Month!
Imagine a Clean, Healthy Pool Without Spending a Fortune!

It’s true – you can have crystal clear, healthy pool water without spending a fortune…

With our weekly pool service you get…

  • A pool free from bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms so that you can be sure you and your family are swimming in clean, healthy pool water.
  • A chemically balanced pool every week so that the chemicals operate at peak effectiveness and the cost of sanitizing your pool water is affordable.
  • Our service will remove all the large debris from the pool, empty the baskets, brush the side walls and steps, re-start the equipment and leave a service note letting you know we were there that week.
  • Our weekly service includes all necessary labor to balance and sanitize your pool water. Repairs and maintenance items like cleaning your filter or draining your pool may include extra costs.

Call Pool Savers Today at (602) 288-7222 To Schedule Your First Service Visit.

We service the entire San Tan Valley area.